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MACRO Memorial Day Tournament

Cup: The Mid-America Cup 2002

Goal: To promote the Chinese soccer activities in the Mid-West, and to get acquainted with people sharing a common interest in soccer and make friends

Organizer: The Midwest America Chinese Recreational Organization

Game Date: May 25 Saturday and May 26 Sunday 2002

Place: Group A: Highpoint Park, Hoffman Estate

Group B: Cottagewood park, Hoffman Estate

Game time: Group A: 60 minutes. 30 minutes half time

Group B: 90 minutes. 45 minutes half time

Format: Round-robin matches within the same group in the first round. The best 2 from each group advance to the elimination play-off

Awards: The Mid-America Champion, second and Third places

Referees: Referee will be hired, 1 ref for the round-robin matches; 2 for the final

Governing Committee: to resolve any dispute occured during the game; members consists of all captains from all teams

Game Regulation: Will follow the FIFA regulations except unlimited player changes and penalties applied to the card carriers

Penalties: Whenever the referee issues a card, a Yellow Card will carry a $20 fine, and a Red Card will carry $40 to the problem player. The player who just receives the Yellow Card will be removed from the game at least for 10 minutes

Player Regulation: This cup is intended for the Chinese and Asian players. Non-Asian players are welcome but are limited to 3 in the roster and only 2 on the field at any time; Also, any player, who has played for 1 team already, cannot play again for another team

Admission Fee: $400 ($350 regular fee plus $50 penalty deposit, 25 lunch boxes for each team on the first day are included)

Admission Due Date: May 13 Monday, 2002

Admission to: John Cheung, make check payable to John Cheung with Memo written 'Mid American Cup'. All checks should be mailed to: 617 S. Washington Ave., Hinsdale, IL 60521

For further info, please contact the following persons, or check out our web site: John Cheung: 630-230-0886 C. M. Lei : 847-222-1828 http://www.macrogroup.org/


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